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MG Solutions’ Max Angle Kit #freeshipping


Product details
The kit includes:
• 2x Adjustable Lower Control Arms
• 2x Roll-center/Steering Adapters
• 2x Adjustable Outer Tie Rods
• 2x Adjustable Suspension Top Mounts
• 2x Front Arms rear pickup point adjustable rod ends
• All the uniballs , bolts, coned bolts for 100% bolt-on installation
Standard parts that this kit replaces on your BMW:
• Lower Arms
• Tie rods and tie rod ends
• Suspension top mounts
• Control Arm Bushings
Kit features :
• Max Angle Kit is the most adjustable suspension kit you’ve ever seen.
• From 65 to 70 degrees of steering lock, without hitting the lower arms.
The steering angle depends on the wheel/tire combination. For example, 65 degrees of steering lock is reached with 10mm offset wheels.
• Lower control arms – the most correct geometry possible, so the big steering angle doesn’t create tension in the other components and all the suspension works easily and smooth. There are lock stops in both directions, which are also adjustable depending on the desired steering angle. The length of the control arms can be changed, which helps a lot when the steering angle is increased and also is another way to adjust the camber angle.
• Approx 34mm roll-center correction with lighter adapters
• The Top Mounts are not fixed – one more way to adjust camber and caster angles.
• Faster steering ratio – the vehicle responds a lot quicker.
• Less than 3 turns lock- to lock at 65 degrees
• Ackerman – The ackerman value is close to 0, which helps gaining speed while drifting and maintaining this speed throughout the whole drift. This also helps big angle entries (back entries) as the outer wheel stands with the same angle as the inner one and does not affect the car’s speed.
Price includes worldwide shipping!

Please also note that these kits are made in batches and while they will always be available, some time might be needed if you place an order between separate batches – waiting time can be up to five weeks before we will be able to ship them.